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Rogers Data VFR Aeronautical Charts – ICAO Charts

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PPL theory exams with Rogers Data VFR ICAO charts

Rogers Data VFR ICAO charts are used for PPL theory exams by some aviation authorities.
In the subjects “Navigation” and “Flight Planning” of the Aircademy ECQB-PPL catalog only the VFR ICAO charts from Rogers Data are used.

The following aviation authorities currently use the ECQB-PPL database:
Austria, Germany (Berlin-Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen), Hungary, Belgium, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Czechia and Luxembourg

VFR ICAO Charts 2023 

VFR ICAO chart of Germany North 500k

Germany North 1:500.000

€ 29,90 incl. VAT  


VFR ICAO chart of Germany South 500k

Germany South 1:500.000

€ 29,90 incl. VAT  


VFR ICAO chart of Austria 500k

Austria 1:500.000

€ 24,90 incl. VAT  


VFR ICAO Chart of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina 500k

Croatia - BIH 1:500.000

€ 29,90 incl. VAT  


Rogers Data VFR ICAO Charts Austria 200k.

Austria Set 1:200.000

€ 59,90 incl. VAT


VFR Charts ICAO Europe

Europe-wide Coverage

Rogers Data provides VFR ICAO aeronautical charts of whole Europe.

Rogers Data digital charts

Digital VFR ICAO Charts

Our VFR charts are also available as digital charts from market-leading and popular app and software providers.

Rogers Data Know How


ALL Rogers Data VFR ICAO charts are always available at the beginning of the flying season with the current edition.

VFR Trip Kits 2023

Approach & Aerodrome Charts: 23rd of March 2023

Cover of Austria Trip Kit 200k

Austria VFR Trip Kit 200k

€ 54,90 incl. VAT


Cover of Trip Kit of Croatia in 200k

Croatia VFR Trip Kit 200k

€ 49,90 incl. VAT  


Cover of Slovenia Trip Kit 200k

Slovenia VFR Trip Kit 200k

€ 44,90 incl. VAT


VFR ICAO Wallcharts 2023

23rd of March 2023

Germany Set of 2 Wallcharts 500k

Germany 1:500.000

€ 59,00 incl. VAT


Austria Wallchart 500k

Austria 1:500.000

€ 29,00 incl. VAT


Sweden VFR Wallchart

Sweden 1:500.000

€ 99,00 incl. VAT


Italy Set of 4 Wallcharts 500k

Italy 1:500.000

€ 99,00 incl. VAT


France Set of 4 Wallcharts 500k

France 1:500.000

€ 99,00 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Chart Coverage

Rogers Data VFR ICAO Charts with a scale on 1:200.000

Scale 1:200.000

Rogers Data Coverage 500k

Scale 1:500.000

Rogers Data VFR ICAO Coverage 1000k

Scale 1:1.000.000

Flight Planning & Navigation

Protractor Triangle Hypotenuse EASA ICAO Rogers Data

Protractor Triangle



Navigation Compass 500 Flight Planning

Navigation Compass



Leather Cover for Navigation Compass

Leather Cover

€ 24,90 incl. VAT  


RDtech Pens Chart Drawing Set

RD tech® Pens

€ 19,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Spray Rd tech

RD tech® Spray

€ 11,90 incl. VAT


Pilot, Crew & Cockpit Accessories

Sportbag „Air Crew“ Rogers Data

Air Crew Sport Bag

€ 59,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Keychain Aviation Design


á € 5,99 incl. VAT  


Backpack „Charts Available For“ Rogers Data

Charts Available For

€ 39,90 incl. VAT  


Picnic Blanket European Aerodromes XL Rogers Data

XL Picnic Blanket

€ 49,90 incl. VAT


Runway Markings Beachtowel Rogers Data


€ 39,90 incl. VAT  


VFR ICAO Charts 500k of almost whole Europe

Rogers Data provides VFR ICAO aerocautical charts for almost every country in Europe. From north to south, from east to west. From one country to the next. The same map image, the same content and the same quality. No matter which chart sheet you hold in your hands. This is a great advantage! Whether you are flying north to south or east to west, all Rogers Data VFR ICAO charts include the same chart image, content and quality. This makes it easy to fly across borders – once you get used to the map image of Rogers Data you can get anywhere within Europe! With a uniform design! Rogers Data charts include, in addition to the relevant regulations of ICAO Annex 4 and EU, areas with sensitive fauna and national parks, border crossing points, airsports and recreational areas, VFR sectors and TRAs and feature a detailed representation of the respective airspaces. They are updated annually and are all available to pilots at the beginning of the flying season. Enjoy flying with Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts.

Digital VFR ICAO Charts of Europe

In addition to the paper charts, all Rogers Data VFR ICAO charts are also available as digital charts. These VFR charts can either be acquired as a single chart, or be purchased as reasonably priced bundles.

Detailed information about our bundles can be found in our folder

Rogers Data Download Digital Charts & Bundles

When you fly with Rogers Data VFR charts, you have an identical chart image on the screen and on the folded chart in you hand. This is a great advantage! And that of almost all of Europe!

About Rogers Data

Rogers Data provides VFR ICAO aeronautical charts as well as other products for pilots and aviation entusiasts. The range of aeronautical charts is aimed in particular at pilots in general aviation, aviation companies and training organizations. “It is a personal concern of mine to meet the needs and expectations of VFR pilots in the best possible way and to contribute to this in flight planning and flight execution through optimized aeronautical charts,” says Ing. Robert Gallmayer, CEO Rogers Data GmbH. “Rogers Data aeronautical charts are optimized to be easily and smoothly integrated into pilots’ information management processes.” Our VFR charts are also used for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Training (FSX) to make the flight in the simulator even more realistic. The motto is: From pilots for pilots!  

Collage Rogers Data VFR Charts