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Pilot & Crew Accessories

Pilot Crew Accessories Travel Bag Crew

Sport and/or Travel Bags

Travel or sports bags in aviation design. Perfect for pilots, cabin crew or aviation fans. Discover how compact, light and spacious our aviation travel bags are.

Pilot Cabin Accessories Beach Towel

Beach Towels

Are you looking for a suitable & exclusive bath towel for your holiday or spa trip? We have the right products for you too.

Pilot Cabin Accessories Picnic Blanket

XL Picnic Blanket

A real campfire atmosphere or a romantic picnic is only possible with our “European Aerodromes” picnic blanket. Discover more …

Pilot Cabin Accessories Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs Set of 4

This exclusive coffee or tea cup set of 4 is dedicated to the theme of aviation. The special design with the golden captain’s stripes is a special eye-catcher.

Pilot Cabin Accessories Key chain

Key chains

Our aviation design key chains in 15 different designs are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher on your key. Exclusive designs for pilots, flight attendants and aviation enthusiasts.

Mugs Pilot Stripes Captain

Captain Pilot Stripes mugs

€ 49,90 incl. VAT


Air Crew Bag

Air Crew Travel Bag

€ 59,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Sportbag Aviation Terms

Aviation Terms Travel Bag

€ 79,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Key chain Danger Ejection Seat

Ejection Seat Key Chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


Runway Markings Beachtowel Rogers Data

Runway Markings Beachtowel

€ 39,90 incl. VAT



Aeroplane Beachtowel

€ 39,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data key chain crew red

Crew Key chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


Charts Available For Backpack

Backpack 2in1

€ 49,90 incl. VAT



Oceanic Control Beachtowel

€ 39,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data key chain Airliner

Airliner Key chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


Rogers Data key chain helipad

Helipad Key chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


Departure Screen Beachtowel XL

Departure Screen Beachtowel

€ 39,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Key chain danger

Danger Key chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


EU-Aerodromes Picnic Blanket XL

XL Picnic Blanket

€ 49,90 incl. VAT


Rogers Data Key chain crew black

Crew Key chain

€ 5,99 incl. VAT


Aviation Design

Our aviation design range includes travel sports bags, bath towels, picnic blankets, Captain Pilot Stripes coffee mugs, many different key chains and aviation art posters, which are a must-have for every pilot, cabin crew or aviation enthusiast. Our products combine aviation design and the aviation theme with inspiring functionality.

Treat your friends, family or yourself. We have exclusive aviation-themed Pilot & Cabin Accessories to inspire not only pilots, but aviation enthusiasts as well. Our products are absolute eye-catchers with very special and individual aviation designs.

The motto is: From pilots for pilots!

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